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King Thor vs Old Man Phoenix

Jason Aaron continues to show mastery with his lengthy Thor run and at the same time showing how much he’s having fun with some of the characters he’s developed like this King Thor vs Old Man Phoenix

In this story, King Thor encounters the new host for the Phoenix Force in deep space and is surprised to find out that its actually his former teammate Wolverine.

The two clash with Thor wanting to defend the newly restored Earth after being dead for eons. Meanwhile, Wolverine now called Old Man Phoenix is on his way to Earth to burn it for unspecified reasons.

King Thor thinks that he has successfully killed the Phoenix powered Logan which is dumb because, you know, healing factor and resurrection capabilities.

In the end, its Wolverine who manages to “kill” Thor all the while taunting him and chastising him for bringing back life on Earth for it will attract some of the nastiest entities in the universe.

Old Man Phoenix or at least Wolverine as the Phoenix Force host isn’t a new concept to the writer. This version of the feral mutant was first introduced in Jason Aaron’s limited series Astonishing Spider-Man and Wolverine.

This was a fun limited series to be honest. You got to read this book if you have the chance.

Check back tomorrow to see who returns to Earth and why this character may just be the most powerful person in this dying universe in the future.

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