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Avenger Prime vs Mephisto – Avengers Assemble Alpha # 1 Spoilers

Jason Aarons and Bryan Hitch has finally revealed the mysterious Avenger Prime who is currently the owner of the Avenger Tower in the pages of Avengers Assemble Alpha # 1!


And not only do we get a good look at the mysterious Avenger Prime, we also get to see him fight bigger threats like Mephisto. Here’s Avenger Prime vs Mephisto from Avengers Assemble Alpha # 1!

While we still don’t see his face, it’s a nice touch to see him wear Thor’s helmet and open a portal to Earth 616 where Mephistor and the Multiversal Masters of Evil were starting their attack in the past.

When he gets to Earth 616’s past, he meets Mephisto.

The two spot the two Avengers teams as they meet for the first time that being the current Avengers and the Avengers 10,000,000 BC. As the two teams start fighting each other Avenger Prime and Mephisto finally fight as well.

Mephisto calls in back-up in the fight with Avenger Prime and he gets stabbed by other Mephistos from the universes. While the fight ends between the two Avengers teams, we also see what happened to Avenger Prime, who has been defeated and is laying on his belly.

616 Mephisto then get his troops to drag back Avenger Prime back to Avengers Towers where we see that it too is under attack by more Mephisto variatiomts

And how the issue ends has a nice and interesting cliffhanger but that’s for another post.

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