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More Photos of the Spider-Man Stealth Suit for “Far From Home”

New photos emerge from the set of Spider-Man Far From Home, the Marvel Studios helmed sequel to Spider-Man: Homecoming featuring Spidey in a new suit.

It looks like this new Spider-Man costume which has been dubbed as the Stealth Suit by fans online, heavily borrows elements from Spider-Man Noir.

Its not clear at this point whether the setting for the sequel will be before Avengers Infinity War or after the MCU’s biggest movie to date.

We do know that Jake Gylenhaal has been spotted in costume as Mysterio minus the fishbowl helmet.

We also know that Nick Fury and Maria Hill will be making an appearance in the film.

Here’s Spider-Man Noir for your reference in case you haven’t seen that version of Spider-Man yet.

Spider-Man Far From Home is slated for release 2019 and stars Tom Holland as Peter Parker. Directed by Jon Watts.

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