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The Big Death in Amazing Spider-Man is a fan-favorite and recent Disney+ Show Lead

Spoilers for Amazing Spider-Man # 26 reveals who the “big death” is and it’s a fan-favorite character who recently started in her own Disney+ show.

Check out the full image below:

Amazing Spider-Man 27 spoilers

So yeah it’s going to be Kamala Khan aka Ms Marvel who dies while helping Spider-Man in his most recent fight.

This volume continues to be dumb and pushes the level of controversy for the book to sell units and gather clout. They have done a number of things since the book relaunched with new creative team with Zeb Wells writing the book.

There was the thing with Mary Jane Watson breaking up with Peter Parker again and now being an adoptive mother to a bunch of kids with her new boyfriend.

Then there’s the fact that Norman Osborn is Peter’s new boss and even gave Spidey a new costume that’s clearly inspired by Osborn’s alter ego, Green Goblin.

Then there’s that controversial moment when they wrote Peter Parker to declare that he no longer loves MJ and sees her as a sister before officially starting a relationship with Black Cat aka Felicia Hardy.

And now this.

I won’t be surprised people will be out for blood on this editorial decision also considering that it’s textbook “fridging”.

Plus Marvel editorial didn’t even give Kamala Khan the right to die in her own solo book instead dying in Spidey’s book. Greatly diminished what the young hero has fought for (as well as her writers and artists) who made her relevant.

I wonder what actress Iman Vellani would say about this latest development.

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