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AsiaPop Comic Con 2019 Cancelled

Big news today as apparently AsiaPop Comic Con 2019 cancelled by the organizers. And there’s some significant proof on that end.

Here’s a screenshot of their announcement via email as posted by artist Mico Suayan…

At least they were honest that there is barely any content they could show off this year.

Still, let’s wait for what the organizers release on their social media accounts including the official Facebook page for their account. If this is true, then the announcement should happen around the afternoon.

Looks like another byproduct of the Disney Fox merger. Although Warner Bros is there, they are having some top brass movement too. So yeah, understandable.

We still have ESGS and ToyCon to look forward too, but really AsiaPop Comic Con 2019 cancelled is a heavy blow. Toycon will be coming in a few days while ESGS has already begun hyping up their event as early as now. Both events are slated to happen in the SMX convention center in Pasay.

Update: Mico has removed the post on his Facebook account; also there are some exhibitors who did not get this email. So there’s still a possibility of the show pushing through, yes?

Update 2: It’s official

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