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Our Favorite Cosplay Carnival 2023 Cosplayers (Photos from Alec Egido)

Last weekend’s Cosplay Carnival 2023 was a lot of fun and while there may be some problems here and there, it’s still nice to know that Cosplay PH is doing something and for Cosplay Carnival 2023 or CosCarni 2023, they hit the ground running. Here are most of our favorite cosplayers from Day 1 and Day 2 courtesy of our frequent collaborator, Alec Egido.


Zackt and Roxanne


Faith Barner


KatieCakey / Kate Lariza

Lan Faun


Nixiedoodle / Nixie Salazar


Nixiedoodle / Nixie Salazar


Nixiedoodle / Nixie Salazar

Joke lang those are my shots.

These are Alec’s shots

Genshin Impact’s Ruin Grade Cosplay


Raiden Shogun cosplay from Genshin Impact

Ninong Ry cosplay

Awie as Girlywise / Pennywise

Awie as Girlywise / Pennywise from IT

Filipiniana Yae Miko

Reze / Bomb Devil cosplay from Chainsaw man

Nixiedoodle as Nahida from Genshin Impact


Aki cosplay from Chainsaw Man

Pyramid Head cosplay from Silent Hill

Keqing cosplay from Genshin Impact

Dehya Cosplay from Genshin Impact

Princess Peach Cosplay

Princess Peach Cosplay

Overlord’s Ainz and Albedo Cosplay


Bea Bianca as Hu Tao from Genshin Impact

Bea Bianca as Hu Tao from Genshin Impact


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