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Goblin Slayer Episode 1 Thoughts

Goblin Slayer episode 1 is off to a good start with it’s JRPG elements, brutal and bloody moments and a lot of real world things to think about.

The animation for this title is great. Nothing fancy but its good. It reminded me of that classic Ragnarok RPG anime adaptation some years ago. Only they don’t show hands getting severed or goblins ummm…. right.

TBH, I winced a lot in this episode. Giving viewers this happy vibe right from the start only to slowly show us how sad it’s going to be and we’re not even in the halfway mark of the episode. I found myself shaking my head at how things turned out for the Prietess’ party trying to attack the goblins and meeting their demise, one by one; just like a horror movie.

The Goblin Slayer is another thing entirely. This is a man who shows borderline obsession. He’s good, well equipped and skilled enough to go for other creatures in this dark fantasy world and yet he’s hunting down the weakest creatures. Why? What’s his motivation.

Again, you’ll probably tell me to go read the manga, but the episodic feel helps make every moment great.

Cruelty is the name of the game in this high profile anime too. The show reminds us how everything is a vicious cycle. Even the dialogue that Goblin Slayer says before he clubs the young goblins to death shows that its a cycle. He says that if they don’t kill the young ones, they are bound to hold a grudge and who knows what they’ll do the next time they start a nest.

Sadder reality is what happens in the aftermath. Which is depicted in the closing minutes of the show.

I did however find some solace in the fact that our dear old Prietess got armor (that’s chaimail) before meeting Goblin Slayer once more.

Pretty much, there’s an unhealthy balance of awful things and some good things in this series. It won’t be the next Berserk but its definitely taken inspiration from that classic manga and anime series.

I guess I’ll be following through with this season.

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