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6 Key Reasons Why a Virtual Phone Number is Beneficial to Your Business in 2022

If you discover that you are confined to your phone to prevent missing calls, it’s time to modernize your overall business connection strategy. Outdated communication solutions are no longer sufficient. A virtual phone network like what Freeje offers, is an answer that is expanding at the same rate as a world in which most Americans now work remotely and utilize at least two gadgets.

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Whenever there’s Internet connectivity, your phone will be easy to locate, no matter where you go. You can speed up your interactions with clients and coworkers while also taking advantage of a lot of other things.

6 key reasons how you can benefit from a virtual number

A VOIP setup has numerous essential assets over traditional telephone services and one is the functionality that can be added without modifications. Most outdated setups demand on-premises equipment upgrades to add new capabilities or change the entire system, depending on their age. Since they are regulated at the service provider’s end and not on the company’s premises, VOIP phone systems have a plethora of functions out of the box. A virtual number is one of those features.

1. Various phones are not necessary

You will not need to acquire a new smartphone or SIM card. Rather than that, with a few clicks, you’ll get a special virtual number that you can apply immediately using your communication gadgets.

It helps you save money and the inconvenience of maintaining a separate communication device.

2. Send and receive calls wherever you are

The device does not need to be connected to another device, so you can convey in any location. For the first time, your clientele can reach you from any place on Earth. It’s an incredible technique to increase your staff’s productivity when working from home.

3. Adaptability in Call Direction

Additionally, you’ll have the capacity to utilize Direct Inward Dialing (DID) to redirect inbound calls to your preferred individuals. Assume you have and operate a repair and maintenance shop for vehicles. A single person can manage all of the requests that come in.

If this plan is implemented, you will satisfy more of your prospects and existing clients. Getting in touch with your firm is now a lot easier, as they will receive a prompt answer.

4. Maintaining a record of your advertising tactics is critical to success

To evaluate which ads execute best on whatever platform, you can test many phone numbers in various campaigns. Then, if the advertisement serves better than expected, you can dedicate additional resources to it.

5. No missed calls

At your business premises, someone is always available to assist. Clients can call a virtual number and it will ring simultaneously on all company phones, enabling several staff members to handle the conversation concurrently.

Therefore, do not be concerned if your attention is diverted elsewhere. It will be handled accordingly. There will no longer be any missed calls.

6. Utilize advanced features

Utilizing a second-line phone app enables productivity-enhancing tools and a more balanced working condition. You can use another line program to perform the following things, for example:

If your office has a backup phone system, configure it with a voicemail box. When consumers or clients call you, it is possible to answer the phone appropriately and reroute their calls to the right person on your team.

Using different consumer lists, your company can send group messages. Clients from your existing client base may be rapidly and effortlessly transferred.

It is preferable to keep personal and business relationships separate. It is critical to persuade people to provide comments on your website. It is crucial to motivate your clientele to post online reviews.

Evaluate these things when choosing a virtual phone number

Shifting to VoIP allows you to reap the benefits of all of the above. If you are trying to look for a virtual phone system, keep the following six attributes in mind to guarantee that your business’s demands are met:

1. The fundamental functions that your team requires

Virtual phone processes may provide many capabilities, so there is no reason to overlook the ones you require. You can add extra functionalities to your enterprise phone system.

2. Customer service

A virtual phone system can eliminate the need for an internal IT team. However, a reputable provider is necessary. A provider’s availability, their support channels, and if upgrading is required are all factors to consider.

Remember that providing customer service 24 hours a day does not guarantee quality support. This could mean that customer support personnel are available 24 hours a day — even if they face lengthy wait times for calls or a massive backlog of tickets to process.

3. Dependability

The most effective virtual phone schemes are those that will able you to rely on to function properly when you require them. Consider the current status and uptime history of each service.

4. Extensibility

When you think about the answers to the previous questions, what traits will you need to help your trade grow? Consider a VoIP provider that can grow with you by giving you more mobile numbers, shared mails, data analysis, call records, and connectors, among other things.

5. Hardware requirements

When choosing a provider, investigate the apps they offer to verify that they meet your team’s needs and that onboarding new teammates is simple.

6. Price

Before shopping for a virtual phone system, consider the cost reductions associated with a VoIP solution vs. a PBX system and how that compares to your budget.

Then, when you filter down the services that fall within your budget, assess which one provides the most value for your team’s demands.

Final Thoughts

By becoming virtual, you can maximize the value of your communication scheme. When the internet powers your phone, you can be up and running in minutes and continue to simplify your team’s workday with greater flexibility, automation, and cost savings over outdated telephones.

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