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realme Band 2 Review

Here’s my realme Band 2 review from Realme PH and features 12 day battery life, Smart AIoT Control and a 3.5cm large color display.

Realme Band 2 specs and features:


  • 3.5cm (1.4″) Large Color Display
  • Blood Oxygen & Heart Rate Monitor
  • 90 Sports Modes*
  • 12-day Battery Life*
  • Water Resistant up to 50m
  • Smart AIoT Control
  • Sleep Quality Analysis
  • Personalized Dial Faces
  • Stylish Wrist Strap

Here’s a look at what comes in the box of the Band 2 product:

realme band 2

We get the actual smartwatch, the USB charger and the instruction manual.

Display and Hardware

One of the top things I liked about this watch is its screen. I’ve reviewed other smartwatches in the past as well as fitness watches and I have to say that this one from realme is one of the top tier products coming to the market. This watch comes with a 3.5cm large color display which helps you see more and feel more.

And unlike older versions for fitness watches and smartwatches, this product is also significantly brighter and you can even adjust it to your liking or what the situation is. I like that in a few gestures you are able to adjust the brightness of the watch. You can even crank up the brightness when outdoors and get a good look at the screen which features a 167 x 320 resolution.

Have to commend realme for giving this a stylish strap. Unlike other straps that are out there in the market for smartwatches and fitness bands, the quality for this band is awesome. It doesn’t look cheap at all and you know that the straps are made of quality material.


There are also a number of different watch face designs that you can use for the watch. My favorite is that one with the realme cat mascot. The good news is that you can swap out a total of five different “faces” at any time and there are more you can choose from the realme link app that’s free to download on Google Play.

I also suggest you download the app because it comes in handy with other realme products, not just the band 2.


The notification function for this watch is just awesome. Now it made me realize that I don’t have to spend 30,000 php on a smartwatch when all the basic features I need is all there.

I’m always locked into something so there will be times when I’m not paying attention to my phone or closed my Facebook on my browser and there’ll be emergencies. This is why something like the notification function really works wonders for me. There’s also the event function which makes my life easier and I don’t miss meetings both for work and for freelance work. That’s a big check in my book folks.

Health is also something that the “Realme Band 2” looks very closely at. There’s just a number of different choices for monitoring your health here in this watch and that’s aside from the ones you can use outside of exercising or other strenuous physical activities.

I really dig the Stress Monitor function for this band. Like I’m not 100% sure about the science but it helps me keep my composure in check and reminds when to take a breather.

Still on the subject of monitoring your health, this new band from realme also features a sleep quality analysis function.

This little function shows you how much sleep you had, the number of hours and other things that can keep you healthy when it comes to sleeping.

Realme also put a lot of emphasis on sports as they loaded this bad boy with approximately 90 sports modes. These sports modes includes:

  • Outdoor Run
  • Outdoor Walk
  • Outdoor Cycle
  • Indoor Run
  • Indoor Walk
  • Pool Swimming
  • Football
  • Cricket
  • Basketball
  • Spinning
  • Rower
  • Elliptical
  • Yoga
  • Free training

And if you’re like and do the dishes from time to time you’ll be happy to know that the realme Band 2 is water resistant to up to 50m. So a little splashing here and there won’t be a problem.

With this level of water resistance, you don’t have to worry about removing the watch.Heart Rate is also helpful, I particularly needed that when I got my vax.


The band 2 exceeded my expectations around the battery life. It says that it has a 12 day battery life if its on standard but its actually less if you keep the bluetooth connection on 24/7. That’s actually quite normal. I was expecting around 3 to 4 days without charging but I was already doing 6 days without charging before I went to 25%. Charging this watch is also a breeze compared to my previous experiences with the same builds. Before, you had to physically detach the watch from the strap and charge it. For the realme Band 2, all you have to do is get the USB cable with the special magnetized tip and just stick it at the watch’s backside.

And monitoring the battery levels and changing settings is super easy, barely an inconvenience. Just swipe left on the main screen and you’ll be brought to that screen.

Final thoughts for this realme Band 2 review:

For this realme Band 2 review, I’m giving this¬† a high mark. Not only does it hit up all the checkboxes for the necessary stuff that people need for a fitness band and a standard smartwatch, it also goes well beyond. And I have to comment that we get all this for a nice price point (Php2490).

This smartwatch is now out in the market with SRP P2,490. The color that’s available in the Philippines currently is black. As an early-bird offer, the realme Band 2 will be available for only P1,740 (P750 discount) on Lazada & Shopee starting October 22.

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