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Epson Ecotank L5590 Review – Getting more stuff done at an affordable price

Here’s my Epson Ecotank L5590 review which has to be the best and most efficient printer I’ve used in recent time. This printer is the perfect product for homes and offices as its an all-in-one printer. With the Ecotank L5590 you can print high quality prints, scan documents, make copies and even fax with ADF. This product is currently out in the market with SRP ₱15,045.00 and available in Epson’s Shopee and Lazada online stores as well as in leading stores nationwide!

The Epson L5590 is an all in one printer that surprising does the job and then some more while at the same time not breaking your wallet at just ₱15,045.00!

Fast Printing

One of the biggest selling points for me when I got this printer (as well as it’s real selling point in the market) has to be the speed. I’m already used to the printing speed of Epson printers since I already got an Epson L3350 at home. But the L5590 broke expectation with just how fast it can print.

So here’s the breakdown for the Epson L5590 printing speed.

  • One printed page whether its black or colored will take approximately 10 seconds (black) and 16 seconds for color
  • “draft” printed on A4 paper for black is 33.0 ppm while colored print outs can take 20.0 ppm
  • Photo prints sized at 10 x 15 cm prints at 69 seconds per photo with border and 90 seconds per photo on borderless

The printer also uses the patented Epson Heat-Free Technology which blends speed with energy efficiency. Would you believe that printing with this printer won’t cost you much in terms of electricity consumption because as the technology name suggests, it doesn’t use heat for the ejection process. In a nutshell this means that the printer is ready to print the moment you turn it on as opposed to past technology that will require a second or two to heat up the printhead and the ink containers. This also aligns neatly with Epson’s vision to help save the environment in their own way.


Unmatched color quality


Another high point for me about the L5590 is the quality of the printer. It’s already a given that Epson printers print exceptional quality images but this printer model takes it a step further. The aforementioned “Heat Free Technology” makes it faster than most when it comes to actually printing on paper or other similar surfaces but its the harmony between the machine and the inks that makes them stand out a bit more compared to the other brands out in the market.


Insane Ink Savings

Another great point on why you need to get or at least consider the Epson L5590 is the insane amount of money you can save from buying ink refills. So as a dad I always prioritize my kid’s school work and that would usually entail a lot of reading materials to supplement her books and whatever’s written on her notebook. To be able to do that though I need to go through tons of paper and gallons of ink (not joking that was really the case with my old printer especially during the pandemic era and my kid started doing online schooling). That really burned a hole on my budget especially since I wasn’t using an Epson printer at the time. But using the Ecotank L5590 was truly a godsend because each ink bottle is guaranteed to print up to 7,300 pages.

Still on subject of inks, you’ll be happy to contribute to saving the environment with the fact that the hardware is made of 30% recycled plastic which is roughly around 84% less consumable to other ink cartridge models like the ones sold by brand H and brand B. And Epson also pushed the envelope further by packaging their inks using 80% recycled cardboard. eco-crazy I know. Pretty good.

Compact and space-friendly

I have got to hand it to Epson too for slightly tweaking the design on the Ecotank L5590 as you can see, it’s built taller than the past inkjet printers the company has created while still sticking to the classic look and feel. I’ve also enjoyed the spill-free refill design for this printer. Super easy, barely an inconvenience. I can share half a dozen horror stories about refilling inks on the printer but for this one I don’t have one at all.

Easier Display to simplify things

If there’s one thing I really hated about printers from the past is that they don’t adapt to the times and they can be cumbersome to control. The good folks of Epson probably heard my prayers when they designed and rolled out the L5590. Expect a clearer and more functional LCD display that’s also easy to use and very intuitive. I’ve yet to see other printers with this, well actually I’ve seen this kind of level on large scale printers but never on small scale, consumer grade ones. So we should consider ourselves lucky.

Since we’re still on the subject of ease and convenience, I also would like to point out that you can definitely take printing to the next level when you download the Epson Smart Pannel app on your smartphone. The app is free to download and lets you do a number of things with the printer including turning the printer on or off remotely.

You can download the app here – Epson Smart Panel

Plus you can also monitor your printer’s operation and actually start printing operations from your smartphone.

Guarantee, Warranty

And just like other Epson printers available today in the market, the Epson Ecotank L5590 also comes with warranty coverage of up to 2 years or 50,000 prints. This warranty covers most of the stuff you usually get for warranties including replacement of the printhead as well as other parts. You can visit the Epson website to get a full scope. But rest assured, most of the things related to replacing and repairing your printer will be there; please note however that they won’t cover printers that were obviously smashed, you know the deal with these things.

Like other Epson products, you can also get everything you need from the Epson website’s database

You can get the manual, the drivers and the utility software from the product page

Final Thoughs:

I definitely enjoyed these aspects I highlighted in this Epson Ecotank L5590 review. From the environment-friendly aspect to the quality but really its the speed that’s unmatched and definitely worth getting. So if you’re still in the market for a good printer, then it’s high time to add the L5590 to your shopping cart today! It’s THE definitive “get” for your home or office plus its so easy to use, even made better by the display and online app controls.

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