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CW releases new look at Javicia Leslie’s Red Death aka Ryan Wilder for Flash season 9

Here’s a look at Javicia Leslie‘s Red Death aka Ryan Wilder who is the main villain for the CW’s The Flash season 9 aka the last season for the series.

the flash season 9 javicia leslie red death

And for me I think this is cool in two ways. One is that it somehow faithfully follows the origin of Red Death from Dark Nights: Metal where he’s a fusion of Batman and The Flash who stole the speedforce when Bruce Wayne strapped Barry Allen on the hood of the Batmobile and the two heroes merged. While we’re not that far away from the episode that gives us CW Red Death’s origin, its not far. The bigger twist here is that its Batwoman and not Batman who transform into Red Death.

origin of red death 7 cover a

Secondly, while there could be a significant drop in the quality, at least we know that its a worthy adversary to the Grant Gustin’s Flash / Barry Allen. And it’s not some alternate reality Barry or any of his friends or members of Team Flash. This is an outsider with speedforce powers and speed.

But still, verdict’s still out. The Flash hasn’t been really doing well in the last few seasons it’s been airing. Maybe this curtain call could restore the show to what it once was. Must-watch TV a few years ago.

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