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Dean Ambrose aka John Moxley appears in AEW Double or Nothing

Former WWE superstar and Shield member Dean Ambrose aka John Moxley made his big debut in the first ever AEW wrestling PPV “Double or Nothing”.

And boy did he make some noise with his arrival.

Johnny boy went in the ring shortly after the match between Chris Jericho and Kenny Omega concluded.

It was then revealed that the former WWE champ signed a multi-year contract with Cody Rhodes’ new wrestling promotion.

The two even posed for a photo flipping the bird presumably at Vince McMahon and his WWE promotion.

A few weeks ago, Moxley debuted a new video where we see him metaphorically bust out of prison, catching his arm on some barb wire before wearing a hoodie and disappearing into the shadows.

You can watch that John Moxley video below:

And it looks like whatever goodwill Moxley had with the WWE will also go down the drain, especially with a vreat farewell segment he did with his Shield brothers Roman Reigns and WWE Universal champ Seth Rollins.

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