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The Batman-Flash Hybrid known as Red Death will be The Flash Season 9 Main Baddie

Spotted on the set of the CW’s The Flash was the live action version of the villain known as the Red Death who will most likely be the season’s main baddie.

Check out what the CW Red Death version looks like after the cut.

We have to credit @ThemysciraBound for finding and posting these photos for Season 9’s main villain.

Red Death first appeared during the DC Comics event Dark Nights: Metal by the Batman team of Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo. ‘Death was one of the 7 “Dark Knights” sent to Earth by the villain Barbatos to take out the Justice League as well as the other heroes protecting Earth. Red Death is a little bit special too because he’s not just Bruce Wayne but also has a bit of Barry Allen in him. And that stems from Batman using The Flash to gain access to the Speed Force to try and stop the murders of his friends and family by the different members of the Batman’s rogues. Unfortunately for him, that time traveling caused the destruction of his universe and subsequently got the attention of Barbatos and The Batman Who Laughs.

Unfortunately I don’t have much info on The Flash season 9, partly because the series has already worn out it’s welcome in my book plus the campy VFX is definitely getting massive cringe.

But I will say that I have to give props to the CW for continuing the trend of getting cool looking or boss level Flash villains to throw at Grant Gustin’s Flash every season. Them getting Red Death for the final season also means that they’ve really reached the finished line because RD’s one of the more recent villains.

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