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Flash/Batman Hybrid Red Death Gets Own Soundtrack with Mastadon’s Brann Dailor

Remember back then when Scott Snyder teased that they were developing a metal soundtrack for Dark Nights Metal? Well it looks like the first track for that album has been released!

Batman- The Red Death

The track was done with Mastadon’s Brann Dailor and the song actually does harken things related to Red Death, Batman, The Flash and the overall doom-and-gloom feel of Dark Nights. You can check out the full song below:


The track was also produced with the help of Grammy winner Mike Elizondo and Guardians of the Galaxy’s Tyler Bates.

Dailor adds:

super stoked to be part of this amazing musical collaboration, always been a fan of anything Batman related and DC Comics as a whole, so the chance to be connected to that universe is a dream come true.

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