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WildCATS # 1 shows us how the new team is one step ahead of the Bat-Family

Small spoiler for WildCATS # 1 by Matthew Rosenberg and Stephen Segovia gives us an idea of how the team operates and how they are one step ahead of Batman and the Bat-Family.


They operate on time sensitivity or maybe they just kill people faster, the point is by the time the good guys arrive there’s nobody to take down anymore and just bodies to take care of.

And it looks like the WildCATS don’t even call themselves that at this point in the new DC Comics timeline. Hopefully that’s all going to change as more issues of this limited series comes out.

I actually did enjoy reading the book with the artwork by Stephen Segovia dynamic and the colors used were also appealing. Plus having a team of killers operating covertly in a world with morally upright heroes like Superman and Batman will eventually lead to having the two teams clashing down the road.

Justice League vs WildCATs anybody?

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