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Fans and friends react to Kevin Conroy’s death

It truly is a sad day for fans of legendary voice actor Kevin Conroy after it was announced that he has passed away the other day.

Here are some of the reactions from friends and family after his passing.

DC Comics

Tara Strong – Harley Quinn voice actor

J.M DeMatteis

Artist Bruno Redondo even posted a special art he did of the late voice actor.

Seth Green

Here’s a tweet featuring iconic Batmen Adam West and Kevin Conroy together

Greg Weisman

Lynda Carter aka Wonder Woman herself had these words

Rockstead Games also had this to say

Mia Khalifa

Ed Boon from the Mortal Kombat game franchise

Jim Lee

Arris Quinones of Variant

Rob Paulsen

Joe Di Maggio

Patrick Gleason

John Wesley Shipp aka the original TV Flash and CW’s Jay Garrick

Steve Blum

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