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Streamer Amouranth goes live as husband verbally abuses her, threatens her dogs and their money

Controversial game streamer Amouranth went live the other day to drop some big details about her life, revealing that she’s married (sorry fanboys and simps) and that he’s an abusive person.

Not only did she go and reveal her civil status but also expose her husband as an abusive and manipulative individual. Check out some of the clips from her last stream.

And this is the scariest bit

Looks like her assistant is gaslighting her and her viewers. Implying that her breakdown is partly caused because she’s off her meds and then the door behind her creepily opens slowly before the stream abruptly ends.

So far, nothing’s popped up for the streamer so hopefully everything’s OK with her.

Moist / PenguinZero has posted a video with a good take on this situation.

Kaitlyn Michelle Siragusa (born December 2, 1993), better known as Amouranth, is an American social media personality, streamer, and model. Siragusa is also known for her ASMR Twitch livestreams.

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