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One Piece x Vans Collection

Check out the recently announced One Piece x Vans Collection which is coming in the next few weeks!

The long running manga and anime series has already entered its final part with lead protagonist Monkey D. Luffy recently getting a power boost via the devil fruit that’s been giving him his rubber powers aka the Gomu Gomu No Mi Devil Fruit which pretty much turned him into Joy boy!

But enough of that, let’s talk about the One Piece x Vans collection. Here’s the poster…

I’m counting three pairs of shoes that will be hitting stores soon.

The top one is the one I really like featuring a high-cut design while featuring most of the Strawhats. There’s also the lowcut pair with a straw style design.

We also get the other low-cut in marine blue/ navy blue with the word “Devil Fruit” on it.

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