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Gotham Knights Confirms Players can play as Various Bat-Family Members

WB Games Montreal has officially released the first trailer for the upcoming Gotham Knights which is slated for release 2021 and will feature the Bat-Family members getting the spotlight.

The game is set after the end of Rocksteady Games’ Batman Arkham Knight, particularly the scene with the “Knightfall Protocol” where Bruce Wayne supposedly “dies” after an explosion rocked Wayne Manor and after his secret ID as the Batman was revealed to the public.

In this new game, players can choose between four characters from the Bat-Family namely Nightwin, Batgirl, Robin and Red Hood. The developer’s goal was to let players go through missions and the story while playing on the character’s stregnth. For example, and as scene in the trailer they streamed at DC FanDome, Mr. Freeze wreaks havoc on Gotham City and you need the finesse and tech skills of Barbara Gordon aka Batgirl to end the caper.

Gotham Knights Trailer 1

Check out the Gotham Knights Gameplay Footage as well which was also released during #DCFanDome.

Oh and let’s not forget – confirmation about the long-rumored appearance of the Court of Owls in-game.

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