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One Piece Chapter 1045 – Luffy’s new form beats up Kaido

This week’s One Piece, One Piece chapter 1045 shows readers just how powerful Monkey D. luffy’s new form really is as he pretty much turned Kaido aka the ruler of Wano, into his toy.

In the start of the chapter, Luffy and Kaido are at it again with Liffy’s new form showing power while turning Luffy into a full blown cartoon character. When Kaido swallows Luffy whole, Luffy proceeds to wreak havoc inside and even expands into a balloon inside Kaido.

Then he pops out, deflates and vanishes into the sky. He returns quickly as a giant version of himself much to the surprise of everybody watching the fight.

Luffy continues to pummel Kaido and even turns the azure dragon/ blue dragon into a jump rope for his amusement.

Kaido delivers his famous blast which knocks Luffy temporarily. The leader of the Strawhats gathers his second wind and continues the fight even taking the brunt of Kaido’s club but seemingly not getting hurt

Kaido uses the opportunity to beat down Luffy while he counts from 3 to 0; after which he gets up and transforms in this rubbery tornado and punches Kaido’s face and the fist goes through it as well.

Luffy stands over Kaido and asks him whether its fun or not.

Lets see what Kaido has in store next week for One Piece chapter 1046.

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