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AXE Judgment Day # 3 Spoilers – Another Thanos relative joins the story

It looks like another one of Thanos’ relatives joins the story being recruited by the Eternals to try to solve things for not just the brewing war between the Avengers, The X-Men and the Eternals and the threat of the Progenitor Celestial.


And let me jus gush over this amazing cover for AXE Judgment Day # 3 by Mark Brooks. This issue was written by Kieron Gillen and art by Valerio Schiti.

So there’s a ton of things that happened in the third issue of AXE Judgment Day but basically its come to the point that both the mutants in Krakoa as well as the small band of heroes composed of Avengers and Eternals are having a hard time to defeat or outsmart the revived Progenator Celestial formerly Avengers Mountain.

In the end, Sersi gets an idea from a rant by Iron Man / Tony Stark and in the last few pages, we get to see Sersi and the Eternal known as Jack of Knives sneaking into the Eternals base called The Exclusion.

Yes, I still think that current Sersi is now being drawn to look like actress Gemma Chan who played Sersi in the Marvel Studios film, The Eternals.

In this vault that they are breaking into, we find out that these two Eternals are actually breaking out Eros of Titan aka Starfox.

Again, another way to connect movies with the comics. After all, Thanos’ brother has already appeared in the Marvel Cinematic Universe as played by Harry Styles.

Additional context.

In the first few issues of Judgment Day, the Eternal Druig enlists the aid of exiled Eternal called Uranos.

Thanos’ grandfather was given one hour to decimate and get rid of the mutants living in Mars aka Arrako and by the end of the issue, he succeeds. Only Nightcrawler is left alive and survives the attack in Mars.

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