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AXE Judgment Day # 1 Spoilers – Everything important that happened

Today let’s do a major AXE Judgment Day # 1 spoilers post now that the first issue of the book has been released from Marvel written by Kieron Gillen with art by Valerio Schiti.

Before we proceed, SPOILER ALERT

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So in this issue, Druig wants to continue being the Prime Eternal so he sets about making sure that the mutants are taken care of especially since he has classified them as Deviants or offshoots of the Deviants.

Meanwhile Iron Man sets a meeting with Sersi…


… which ends up with Sersi being kidnapped by the Avengers with Echo / Phoenix doing most of the heavy hitting.

Back in Avengers Mountain, Tony interrogates Sersi to see what the Eternals are up to.

In Krakoa, Destiny is waiting to see more details about her vision with Mystique and Nightcrawler. Its is around this time that Destiny sees that its going to be the Eternals that will next seek to destroy them.

The Quiet Council begin preparations for War and they even send Kurt to Mars/ Arakko to meet with Storm, Magneto and Cable.

Back with the Eternals, Druig begins his plans and he gives the deadly Uranos, who is one of the most powerful Eternals out there and the one that’s locked up in the Eternal prison called The Exclusion.

Druig gives Uranos one hour to destroy Arakko while the rest of the Eternals deal with the mutants of Earth.

We don’t see what happens here because we next see Druig meeting Moira McTaggert in behalf of the ORCHIS group and they go over plans of attacking Krakoa.

The Quiet Council psychics are taken out by the Eternals particularly one of the many Uni-Minds they can form when they join together …


Before a wave of Eternal soldiers storm Krakoa.

Wolverine sees the dead body of Goldballs/ Egg and determines that there is an assassin in the island sent to completely kill the members of “The Five”, the five mutants that can resurrect dead mutants in Krakoa.


Wolverine stops the assassin and then we see what Druig plans next.

There’s also a really big sequence here that shows how low the Eternals went with the leadership of Druig and at the hands of Uranos, the destruction of Arakko with every being there destroyed and only Nightcrawler the only being who has escaped. Plus they isolated Mars from Krakoa after the gates there were also destroyed by Uranos.

Meanwhile Captain America interrupts Sersi’s interrogation and asks her to give more information about the Eternals. Around this time, Druig launches the gigantic Hex which he points at Krakoa. He aims to kill the mutants once and for all.

Before the Avengers deploy to deal with the Eternal Hex, Ajak appears in Avengers Mountain together with Mr Sinister who they kidnapped during the AXE Free Comic Book Day issue.

And both Ajak and Makkari present two paths to Stark and the Avengers, one which is do the same thing and let things pan our or the other is to create a god that the Eternals will obey and then rewrite the rules to keep the peace.

The book ends with Iron Man agreeing to Ajak and Makkari’s strategy.

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