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Dark Crisis: World Without the Justice League: Superman # 1 Review

Here’s my review for Dark Crisis: World Without the Justice League: Superman # 1 written by Tom King with art by Chris Burnham.

Before we proceed, SPOILER ALERT spoiler alert photo

So this book is set up in an alternate reality (perhaps a reality created by Pariah to give the Justice League their fondest wish after the death of the Justice League that starts the whole Dark Crisis ordeal)

I liked the idea of how the story paces itself and it starts when Jonathan Kent is just 13 and then we get nice little portions of interactions between his mom, his dad Superman and how he views the world. One thing that truly harms the book is not giving the juicy details like why Superman sticks to Earth and not help the other worlds that are being attacked by Darkseid and his forces. 

Chris Burnham‘s art takes a little while to get used to but its still fun to look at especially his depiction of Jon’s brutal suffering at the hands of the murderous Orion, who seems to have become a full member of Darkseid’s army. Messed up faces and broken appendages seem to look great with this artist, who I also loved during his time with Batman Inc from a few years ago. 

But more than the gratuitous violence in between teenage angst, there’s a neat story that fathers can at the very least relate to, how their kid is growing up and we need to accept that they will eventually fly from the nest and do things their way. What needs to be done is prepare them for things ahead, all the evils and goods and instill in them the core principals you want them to believe in or live by.

The issue ends as organically possible when you have a teenage offspring at the age of 19, Jon Kent is given space to do his thing, save lives off-world while Clark mysteriously stays on Earth.

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