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Justice League # 75 – Death of the Justice League, How did they die?

Here’s a big Justice League # 75 spoilers which is officially titled The Death of the Justice League and specifically how they died.

Justice League # 75 was written by Joshua Williamson and art by Rafa Sandoval. SPOILER ALERT

spoiler alert photo

Take note that this is the starting salvo for the upcoming Dark Crisis event which introduces the Great Darkness, the “real” architect behind the various Crisis stories.

In this issue, we see the current roster of Justice League getting zapped away from Earth and finding themselves in the Hall of Heroes, the home of the Justice League Incarnate.


President Superman and his team meets the Justice League and reports the recent activity in the Multiverse including the disappearance of Barry Allen aka The Flash. Before they can get anything done, the darkness attacks the JLI’s base and they teleport away to the Earth that Barry last visited before disappearing completely.

Its there that the two Justice Leagues find out the man pulling the machine around, Pariah, the guy who died at the original Crisis on Infinite Earths.

And when the two teams try to stop him from using his machine and calling in the darkness, Pariah summons the villains that have been enslaved by the great Darkness which includes Darkseid, Doomsday and more!

And I got to admit this lineup is super scary. Like each of them needs the entire League but seeing them attack all at once is just damn scary. The heroes split up to fight the villains teaming up to try to take them down.

To even up the odds, Green Lantern John Stewart powers up to trash the villains…

but Pariah and the Great Darkness has another ace up his sleeve. They bring out the recently dead super group known as The Quintessence; who were murdered by Darkseid at the start of DC’s Infinite Frontier and at the end of Dark Nights Death Metal.

So John gets beaten by the Spectre, who now calls himself the “Spirit of Darkness”…

The battle rages on until Oliver Queen aka Green Arrow shoots an arrow at Pariah’s machine which destroys it. And the Trinity attacks Pariah before he can get it back up.

Pariah then unleashes his powers which pretty much melts the heroes who were transported to stop the emergence of the Great Darkness.

The blast melts the rest of the Justice League

So far, only Black Adam survives and continues to fight Pariah but gets badly beaten forcing him to survive and teleport back to the Justice League base. It is also Black Adam who confirms that the Justice League is indeed dead this time leaving a big gap in Earth Prime / Earth 0.

And this is also the first step towards Dark Crisis.

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