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X-Men # 13 Review – Avengers X-Men Eternals Judgement Day Tie-In

Here’s my X-Men # 13 review which is part of the AXE Judgement Day tie-in.

The issue was written by Gerry Duggan and artist C.F. Villa. SPOILER ALERT btw

spoiler alert photo

This happens around the same time that the events of AXE Judgment Day # 2 which was around the time that the Hex were attacking Krakoa.

So while all that chaos was happening, Cyclops had tasked Forge to make a machine to take down the aerial Hex and he does so in style. The giant gun that Forge used had nannites which will cover the Eternals Kaiju creature.

Jean then establishes a communication with Ikaris of the Eternals and asks for her some information on how to stop the attackers. Ikaris tells her that they cannot stop the Hex but they stop them from attacking by destroying the supply route. Ikaris promises to punch a hole and give them a chance to stop the Hex.

Ikaris also makes Jean Grey promise not to kill any Eternal. I would like to see an MCU version of this scene with siblings Robb Stark and Sansa Stark played by Richard Madden from The Eternals movie and Sophie Turner who we last saw in X-Men: Dark Phoenix.

Cyclops and Jean stay back to protect the island and teaming up with The Avengers while they task the new X-Men team who we meet during this year’s Hellfire Gala to destroy the Hex production and re-supply and they do this first with Iceman growing big and diving deep into the Pacific with the team safely snuggled inside him.

Inside the base, Ikaris has kept his part of the bargain and leaves the X-Men to take care of the rest.

Iceman and Synch team up to cool down the machine which is harder to do because of the built in security. Synch’s arm gets chopped off but because he’s synched to Iceman, he just grows an ice arm and continues to freeze the machine.

When the job is done, Forge pilfers a bunch of parts from the Eternals machine which could be used for whatever the hell he and Charles Xavier is planning to do as seen in Hellfire Gala.

While the team is successful and they return to Krakoa via Magik’s portal, they arrive in time to see the Hex retreat at the orders of a revived Celestial who was formerly the Avengers new base aka the Avengers Mountains.

Sadly, they also get to hear the Celestial announce that he will be judging the mutants.

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