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Top 5 British Superhero real estate and why we need to see more of them

We are all familiar with the different headquarters and stomping grounds of our favorite superheroes in the US so just on a whim maybe we need to look at some of the real estate/ headquarters or bases of operation for some of the more popular British superheroes. Here’s a list of the top 5 British superhero real estate and why we need to see more of them in the current books put out either by DC Comics or Marvel or Image.


  1. The Authority – Carrier

The British superteam from Wildstorm called The Authority had a really cool base of operation. Rather than pay huge sums of money in London or anywhere in the UK, they opted to reside in a ship called “Carrier”. Its a “shiftship” or an alien craft that’s 50 miles long, 35 miles high and two miles wide. It is powered by a caged baby universe. The ship travels through a space called the Bleed where it can bring the team anywhere anyplace with what they call a door. And while its cool to have a door open wherever you want in the world, the team often times spends more time here than in their actual pads and at least they don’t have to pull out loan estimators to find out how much they need to spend for a room because the Carrier has a lot of space for the whole team.

2. Bloodstone Manor

Bloodstone Manor (the British one, not the US one) was written as somewhere in London and is the second house for Marvel’s Elsa Bloodstone and her brother Cullen; both the children of Ulysses Bloodstone. The Bloodstone clan has been the primary people in charge of hunting and killing monsters in the Marvel Universe and the deceased patriarch of the family loved to keep trophies of his hunt. Which makes it a nice place to visit to see whatever creatures Elsa and her family had killed and skinned through the years. In recent stories, the two Bloodstone siblings were even discussing whether to sell the property or not but by the end of the issue, they decide its better to keep it.

3. Starlight Citadel

The Starlight Citadel in the Marvel Universe is located in Otherworld. This was an oppulent palace where the proud and noble Captain Britain Corps rest from their adventures defending the realm and Earth from would be invaders. In recent years, the place has come under the rule of the X-Men team known as Excalibur before it was taken away from them. The place is huge enough to hold multiple castles and it’s pretty much a world of its own and yet, its always the Starlight Citadel that burns the brightest in these parts.

4. London (Hellblazer comics)

Not to be confused with other versions of London in the comics, the London in Hellblazer from Vertigo has a character and a vibe of its own. The adopted home of the mage John Constantine, this London is a hotbed for things that are both fantastic and terrifying. Its a London lined up with people and other supernatural entities all living together (or somethings killing each other). This is also the reason John Constantine loves to stay in this version. It’s got enough power of good and black magic to help the rogue anti-hero in whatever situation he ends up in. Plus the way various artists depict London for Vertigo is something that you need to see or visit at least once and when you see a demon and an angel fighting, best remove it from your brain.

5. The Black Knight’s Place

While people have generated buzz over The Eternals post credit scene involving the introduction of Harry Knowles as Starfox aka Eros, there’s very little love shown for the other post-credit scene involving Kit Harington’s Dane Whitman in his family’s home about to pick up the legendary Ebony Blade to save his lover Sersi (Gemma Chan) who was abducted by the Celestial Arishem. What makes this place (wherever it is) is the how much it ties to Arthurian legends in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. While we never did get an establishing shot of where Dane is, you can take it from previous dialogue that his family is pretty well-off and that they may probably have a castle. And it is in this castle that Dane unlocks case of the cursed sword before being stopped by somebody outside the camera’s view.

This place is worth a visit because of probably all the cool artifacts lying around or trophies and since this is Marvel you can be sure to find some weird stuff you won’t see in museums. It’s that cooky and that exciting to probably see.

So there you go, the Top 5 British Superhero real estate and why we need to see more of them. For more top 5s like this, be sure to follow me on Twitter at @thefanboyseo!

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