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Big Shocking Spoilers from DC Universe: Rebirth including Watchmen ties

A major leak for DC Comics’ DC Universe: Rebirth has occured and the more important stuff have been released including ties to the world of Watchmen and an important character’s return to the DC Universe.

DC Universe Rebirth by Gary Frank thumb

Spoilers and more details after the jump.

Of course we have to thank Redditor SuperAe16 who posted this on R/Comics

dc universe rebirth # 1 spoilers (1)

Our friendly redditor starts things out with this:

Wally West is back. There are three Jokers. The Original JSA is back. Watchman are now part of the DCU and are responsible for the loss of time??? The last part is a mind f-ck.

But we already have a Wally West in the New 52 right? Screw that, we’re talking about the redheaded Wally West.

dc universe rebirth # 1 spoilers (3)

Also WTF?! Three Jokers??? What’s happening? I love the fact that DC realizes how integral the JSA is to the mythology and the lore and I give a sincere hat tip to them for doing that.

The biggest doozy from the spoilers posted online happens to be Batman finding a very familiar looking piece of comic book history…

dc universe rebirth # 1 spoilers (2)

Yes, that’s definitely The Comedian’s pin from when he was thrown by Ozymandias at the start of Alan Moore’s Watchmen.

BleedingCool wants us to believe that the ties run deep, as deep as an old issue of Before Watchmen, particularly Before Watchmen: Dr. Manhattan # 4 where the god-like blue plays around with creating life, which could be the New 52.

So at this point, since these images where taken from the actual book, we can’t even say that this isn’t happening because it is and I personally like to see where this goes. As long as we get back the old DC Universe I am perfectly happy.

DC Universe Rebirth ships out this month.

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