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Baizhu and Kaveh officially announced for upcoming Genshin Impact update

After the special event stream tonight, we are officially waiting for the release of two new Sumeru based characters for Genshin Impact namely Baizhu and Kaveh.

Baizhu will be the latest 5-star character joining the roster and has a Dendro vision. We also get confirmation that he is a catalyst user and his constallation is called “Lagenaria”. His English voice actor is Sean Durrie who also showed up in the special online stream that announces more new stuff for the game. We were already hoping Baizhu would come to the game earlier but it looks like his release has been pushed back quite a bit.

Meanwhile we will also be having Kaveh as a 4-star character.


Alhaitham‘s roommate Kaveh is confirmed as a 4-star dendro character whose weapon would be a Claymore. He is voiced in the English dub by Ben Balmaceda (who may or may not be Pinoy) and the Japanese VA is Uchida Yuma. His constellation, in case you still care about those, is called Paradisaea.

We already saw him a few times before he was announced including in a poker game that also included Tignhari and Cyno who were discussing about their friend Alhaitham.

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