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World-class UK cybersecurity specialist, CyberQ Group expands in the Philippines with new Service

The CyberQ Group, the award-winning cybersecurity services and consultancy company based in the United Kingdom continues to strengthen its global footprint in addition to already making its presence felt in the US, New Zealand and Australia is all set to launch in the Philippines as well. 

The company specializes in offering managed services using the Cyber Fusion technology, a next-generation approach to cybersecurity that unifies all security functions (i.e. threat intelligence, security automation, incident response) into a single connected unit with the capability to coalesce all comprising units for detecting, managing, and responding to threats in an integrated and collaborative manner.


By bridging the gap between multiple teams through intelligence synthesis and inter-team collaboration, Cyber Fusion offers a more proactive and unified approach to dealing with potential threats. 


With this technology, the CyberQ Group is able to work closely with businesses to get to know how they work, study their needs, and provide expert security advice and guidance. 


Having CyberQ’s Centre of Excellence in the Philippines, the company looks forward to helping secure local companies through top-of-the-line and best-in-class technologies that go hand-in-hand with its world-class services. 


The company also aims to leverage on the Filipino expertise in cyber security; keep the expertise here in the Philippines; and give opportunities to Filipino cyber security experts in the country and not lose them to other countries. 


“Assumptions made on cyber and data security are constantly challenged by IT leaders and industry movers and shakers. With such a high level of scrutiny, we are driven to maintain our cyber solutions as breach-free. Over the years, we have developed a sterling reputation as the benchmark standard for preventing data breaches, speed of response, and restoring systems that organizations measure themselves against. And now we are more than thrilled to bring these standards to the Philippines,” enthused Roberto Tayag, CEO for the Asia Pacific. 


“Advances in technology have made us more digitally connected, paving the way to faster business transactions, contactless payments and smarter operations. However, automation and connectivity have a price – the vulnerability of our digital systems to cyber attack. The transnational nature of cyberspace means cyber challenges can only be addressed with international cooperation. The United Kingdom is continually seeking to collaborate with countries that share our values of democracy and transparency, like the Philippines, to ensure we have strong cyber security systems and protocols in place . we hope that CyberQ’s new presence in the Philippines will reinforce our co-operation in this area. 


Many UK tech companies are already working with Philippine partners and clients, but there are still many untapped opportunities for collaboration. On June 13-17, London Tech Week, Europe’s biggest tech festival will be held in one of the world’s most vibrant tech hubs to showcase tech innovation and successes. Global leaders will share their expertise and knowledge on a platform to drive change and we’re looking forward to welcoming our Filipino partners and friends there this year. – Richard Colley, Director of Trade and Investment – British Embassy Manila 


The CyberQ Group’s range of cyber security services has been specially adapted to keep an organization’s cloud infrastructure protected. The company’s cyber framework makes it easy to introduce cyber expertise and services into any organization as needed. Every business is on a different journey so each organization needs a cyber partner that not only protects them now but can scale with them in the future.


Bobby Purugganan, CyberQ Group Channels & Alliances Director for APAC said “IT leaders and boards continually challenge assumptions made on cyber and data security, and it’s this level of scrutiny and questioning that drives us on to create ever more resilience in our cyber solutions. As a result, over decades, we have created the benchmark standard for preventing data breaches, speed of response, and restoring systems that organizations measure themselves against. We are delighted to extend these standards to our clients and partners in the Philippines.”


The CyberQ Group’s services mainly consist of Managed Security Operations Centre (SOC), Continuous Breach Detection Service, Human Reconnaissance, Cloud Security, and Consultancy Services. 


The company then offers tailored services that meet specific requirements even as security risks are addressed quickly and effectively. 


For more details, you may visit our website: https://cyberqgroup.com/ ; or follow us on Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/CyberQGroup). 

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