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X Lives of Wolverine # 1 Spoilers

Here are a bunch of major X Lives of Wolverine # 1 spoilers from Marvel written by Benjamin Percy with art by Joshua Cassara.

In this issue we start with Wolverine in Krakoa as he silently mulls over his current situation before Professor X, Charles Xavier approaches him.

Turns out Logan was doing Xavier a solid by going on a mission to the past to save Xavier and they do this by hooking him up on the extra Cerebro helmet lying around in secret in Krakoa.

The reason for this mission is because Omega Red has gone rogue and has targeted Xavier for death. The longtime Wolverine villain took down one of the members of the Resurrection 5, the mutant known as Egg…

… and used him to gain access to the Resurrection protocol files.

Now back with Logan, his first stop for this wild adventure was in the Xavier estate during the time that Charles Xavier and his twin sister Cassandra Nova were born. Turns out this is Omega Red’s first attempt at killing Xavier and stopping Krakoa from being created.

The entire issue focuses on the fight between the Wolverine from this time period and Omega Red who possess the people working for the Xavier’s during the time of Professor X’s birth. We also get to see the actual “death” of Cassandra Nova…

Wolverine finally takes out Omega Red when the midwife he possesses missed Logan and ends up falling to her death. Wolverine then moves on to his next point in Colombia with Maverick and Sabretooth still with the mission of saving Professor X.

In the present, we find out that Omega Red has not only completely betrayed Krakoa but has returned to his native Russia where he encounters Mikhail Rasputin, the brother of Colossus and Magik and now the most powerful man in Russia.

Things will be tougher now that Rasputin’s involved. Or maybe this was a flashback as to how Omega Red is able to move back in time to assassinate Charles Xavier. I didn’t have high hopes for this book but I like the overall mission here. Too bad we’re not getting a look at Logan’s past but maybe writer Benjamin Percy has some tricks up his sleeves for this mini.

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