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First Look at Kimberly and Tommy Oliver’s Daughter Olivia Hart in Power Rangers: The Return

Here’s a look at a new character that appears in the upcoming Power Rangers: The Return from Boom Studios which will be co-written by Amy Jo Johnson.

Check out the character designs after the cut for Olivia Hart.

It’s not clear whether the two actually got married or they just had Olivia at some point in time.

And here’s a closer look of Olivia wearing her father’s Green Ranger costume complete with the dragon shield/power shield and the dragon dagger.

I’m betting this could even be a potential cover for the succeeding issues of the limited series.

Meanwhile you can also check out the cover for issue 1 which sees the adult MMPR team reuniting after years apart to track the missing Red Ranger, Jason, who disappeared under mysterious circumstances.

We also get great covers by Dan Mora.

Interesting side note about this project, it was fully funded on Kickstarter one hour after funding opened. It’s also going to be part of the anniversary celebration of MMPR which also featured the recent Netflix special.

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