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The Marvels Concept Art for the Beast gives us a clear look at the MCU cameo

Artist Andy Park recently posted several The Marvels concept art showing us concept art for the Beast who made his MCU debut as part of The Marvels post-credit scene.

Check out the images for The Beast played by Kelsey Grammer who also played the character in X3: The Last Stand

The Marvels movie review

As you can see the look that they gave Beast for his MCU debut is clearly based on X-Men: The Animated Series as well as the upcoming X-Men ’97 animated series slated to air next year on Disney+ and produced by Marvel Studios.

We got the fangs going as well as the hair.

However, its not clear if this is truly the 97-verse or some random offshoot.

By the way, the short version of The Marvels post-credit scene shows Teyonnah Paris’ Monica Rambeau waking up in a room where she is being watched over by that universe’s version of her mother, Maria Rambeau (Lashana Lynch) which is then interrupted by the appearance of Hank McCoy aka Beast. When Beast leaves the room, Maria stands up and reveals that she is the superpowered being known as Binary in this universe. Meaning Maria is stuck in the X-Men universe which could have a nice tie-in to the upcoming Deadpool 3 project starring Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman.

The Marvels is still playing in some theaters starring Brie Larson, Iman Vellani and Teyonah Paris and directed by Nia DaCosta distributed by Disney.

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