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The McDonald’s BTS Meal is coming to the Philippines too by June 18, 2021

Remember the McDonalds and BTS collaboration I posted about the other day, well, initially the news says it was going to be exclusive in South Korea but the K-Pop groups looks like it wants to go global as word on the street is that the McDonald’s BTS meal is also coming to the Philippines!

bts meal mcdonalds

Reports are coming in that the special meal for McDonalds will be available around the same time that it goes up in Korea or maybe a little later. Either way, its scheduled to hit stores June 18, 2021. This menu will feature 10-piece Chicken McNuggets set, Sweet Chili and Cajun dipping, medium french fries and medium Coca-Cola.


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  1. June 16, 2021

    […] of a partnership with the BTS brand to create a meal around the popular K-pop group. The BTS Meal consists of nine chicken nuggets, two sauces, medium fries and a drink, and comes in a box with a […]

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