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Starbrand grows up – Avengers # 52 Spoilers

Starbrand is now all grown up now as seen at the end of Avengers # 52. Avengers # 52 spoiler coming up from

This would be Death Hunters part 2 by Jason Aaron and Juan Frigeri

In this issue, Captain America invites Captain Marvel and Starbrand to a small town in America where Cap reveals that they are visiting the home of Starbrand’s mother. He then gives Brandy a short history lesson of what happened to her mom before she was born. Before they can make more stops, Deathloks appear and warn the Avengers that the Death Hunters are coming for them.

Two members of the Multiversal Masters of Evil do appear including Black Skull and Ghost Goblin. The villains fight the heroes and Brandy makes the last minute for both Captain America and Captain Marvel. She uses fire to burn off Black Skull who was about to kill Cap. She also melts the Ghost Goblin’s “nogging bombs” before it could explode and kill Carol Danvers. But the consequence of her massive use of powers was that she’s suddenly physically grown up.

She actually looks pretty bad ass if you ask me.

So what happened to Brandy’s mother? Well the short version of it was that Suzanne Shelby got the Starbrand while travelling to a penitentiary in space where she was sentenced for a long time because she was an undocumented alien working in space. Gladiator of the Shiar empire contacted the Avengers about the situation and Cap and She-Hulk were sent over to assess the situation. At the same time, the group called the Heralds found out about Suzanne and wanted to kill her and the Starbrand. Suzanne died after a bit but was able to give birth to the baby girl the Avengers have called Brandy. Brandy was also born with the Starbrand’s mark and powers and has helped the team in a number of ways through the different storylines they went into including Heroes Reborn and now the “Death Hunter” storyline.

Suzanne Selby as Starbrand

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