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Attack of Titan and Call of Duty collaboration confirmed

Activision has confirmed the rumored Attack on Titan and Call of Duty collaboration.

Two games from Activision’s Call of Duty titles will have a crossover with the popular manga and anime title namely Call of Duty Vanguard and Call of Duty: Warzone. Players will be able to use the deadly Survey Corps Levi Ackerman.

Here’s a look at the item pack…

The item pack will have a new skin for operator Daniel Yatsu turning the sniper into the Titan killing dynamo complete with signature hair style and the Survey Corps uniform.

Players will also get blueprints for three weapons that ties in neatly into the game namely:

  • Twin knives called “Titan Piercer”
  • Assault rifle with minimum recoil known as “Ymir’s Curse”
  • Close range firearm called “Historia”

Other stuff players can expect from the bundle includes:

  • Emblem with the Survey Corps logo
  • Hot potato sticker
  • MVP highlight animation
  • Intro animation
  • Finishing move similar to Levi Ackerman’s moves in both the anime and manga.
  • Jaeger family basement key weapon charm.

The Attack on Titan item pack will be available for fans starting January 20 for around $20.

This was a collaboration done to promote Attack on Titan which is airing it’s final season on Crunchyroll Hulu and Funimation.

In case you missed out on the series’ controversial ending you can check it out here.



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