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X-Men: Trial of Magneto # 5 Spoilers – Who Killed the Scarlet Witch?

We finally come to the conclusion of the X-Men miniseries X-Men: Trial of Magneto written by Leah Williams and art by Lucas Werneck and we ask the important question, who killed the Scarlet Witch?

After Wanda Maximoff from different points in time merge and become one and she helps both the X-Men and the Avengers take out invading kaijus, Wanda is confronted by Emma Frost aka White Queen on the matter of her death and she quickly points out her murderer.

We skip to a meeting with the Quiet Council with the murderer revealed to be Toad, Wanda’s former teammate in the Brotherhood of Mutants back when it was still led by Magneto.

who killed scarlet witch trial of magneto 5

He not only has a motive but he also has an uru metal murder weapon which was reason enough for the council to exile Toad who will be joining Sabretooth somewhere in the depths of Krakoa.

But while a murderer has been convicted and the sentence carried out, the truth is that the person who really killed Wanda Maximoff was none other than herself. Its revealed that she orchestrated her death with a bit of help from her father.

So let’s simplify what they were trying to do.

It appears that Magneto revealed the secrets of mutant resurrection to his outsider daughter. Wanda thinks that she can help resurrect more mutants whose souls and memories have not been backed up by Cerebro during the time that the nation of Krakoa was created. So now those souls are in limbo. But to be able to tamper with the souls and connect them to Krakoa, she needs to be resurrected as well.

So the plan was to kill herself or just enough so she could connect the chaos magic and the souls with Krakoa and then get resurrected.

This is why she needed her father’s influence, approval and assistance to be able to pull it off.

So in the flashback, its revealed that Magneto not only knew what was happening, he also made sure that the right elements arrived to the right people and that he would also be painted as the likely suspect by groups like the X-Men, X-Factor and X-Force.

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