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X-Men: Trial of Magneto # 5 Spoilers – Dead Giant Sized X-Men member finally returns

A dead Giant Size X-Men # 1 member finally returns after decades of staying dead as seen in the pages of X-Men: Trial of Magneto # 5 by Leah Williams and Lucas Werneck.

Before we proceed, SPOILER ALERT

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In the closing parts of Trial of Magneto # 5, the children of the known champions of mutantkind as well as people who pretty much founded Krakoa were invited by the Scarlet Witch to participate in a supernatural process that aims to find more mutants who was never revived because there was no backups of them found by Cerebro. These individuals were Scarlet Witch, Proteus and Legion. It was supposed to be Lorna Dane aka Polaris but the spell didn’t work and as such Wanda Maximoff took her place and cast the spell.

We then find out what Wanda’s goal was. A sort of messiah-ish ploy which involves getting her killed to be able to connect with the resurrection queue and bring in more souls.


One of the souls that gets revived was none other than John Proudstar aka Thunderbird. He also had the distinction of being the first (of many) mutants who would die during a mission with the X-Men. His death was done years before Cerebro and Charles Xavier found a way to back-up actual mutants and then inject them to eggs that can then be hatched to resurrect dead mutants.

I’m also interested in seeing how Thunderbird’s brother, James Proudstar aka Warpath from X-Force/ New Mutants, would react to seeing his brother alive after all these years.

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