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Crush Kong Curly Review – AJ Raval, Wilbert Ross

Here’s my Crush Kong Curly review starring AJ Raval and Wilbert Ross; the film was directed by GB Sampedro.

This is should be classified as sex-comedy to be honest because of the subject and the scenes. There were some moments that were worth chuckling here and there. AJ Raval’s character, Elle is an e-girl or a camgirl and runs her own adult content channel on a hilarious play on Onlyfans called Onlychance where she’s saying that she’s earning a lot of money; money she sends to her sick grandmother as well as saving up for her own house. She meets her next door neighbor via freak accident and the two hit it off.

There’s very little chemistry between Wilbert Ross’ Peter and Raval’s character too but they can sure do A LOT of steamy scenes together.

Let’s also admit that 90% of the reason people will stream this is because its already implied in the trailer that there will be a lot of sex scenes in the film. And yes, there are a lot. But come to think of it, its par for the course since she does admit that she is a sex worker.

That whole sex worker angle for the story is where there’s redemption for the film as it shines a new light on the lives of many sex workers earning money online these days. She’s in it for the money and she’s using her good looks and allure to get it. But at the same time, she’s not a bad person, if anything, she’s good human being who just wants to help her loved ones. And there are a lot of sex workers who can echo these sentiments. Society looks at them bad but are we really supposed to judge? Should we even?

And that gets explored when things heat up between the two characters with Peter ultimately betraying Elle’s trust; because he thinks it will derail her.

I was really expecting a different way things will pan out but they took the “happy ending” route to wrap things up in the film. I would have to guess that for this to be pulled off, they actually wanted a happy ending. Also that happy ending is both figurative and literal if you catch my drift.

Circling back to the main pull for the film, expect A LOT of adult scenes here. R-rated mostly so don’t expect too much. I won’t kinkshame or judge bros and sis, just letting you dear readers know the amount of explicit content in the film is big.

A little more finesse and dialogue coaching would have been nice for some bit players here. Like they could have dubbed over the lines or fixed it during post-production because that one lady delivering that one line in Raval’s character’s flashback scene kind of ruined it for me. I was willing to forgo the fact that there was an exclusive school that actually allows their female students to wear uniforms with such high skirt line but that dialogue took me out.

Rating: 6/10

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