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Marvel announces Daredevil event book called Devil’s Reign with Kingpin waging war with the heroes of NYC

Here’s our first look for the Daredevil-centric event book called Devil’s Reign where Kingpin aka Wilson Fisk, finally makes his move against the heroes based in New York City including Daredevil himself.

(W) Chip Zdarsky (A) Marco Checchetto (CA) John Romita
The story that’s been building for years is here! Wilson Fisk went from Kingpin to Mayor of the biggest city in America and is going to bring his full criminal and political power to bear on the super heroes who call NYC home. The man who once destroyed Daredevil has set his sights on The Fantastic Four, Iron Man, Captain America, Spider-Man, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage and more. And since it’s Fisk, once he takes them all down, you know he’s going to sign it.
CROSSBONES! TASKMASTER! TYPHOID MARY! SHOCKER! WHIPLASH! RHINO! KRAVEN! Fisk has an ARMY of super villains at his command – and this is just his opening salvo. For years, Fisk has waited for his time to strike, and YOU WON’T BELIEVE the aces he’s got up his sleeves!
RATED T+In Shops: Dec 01, 2021
SRP: $5.99

Check out some of the preview pages for Devil’s Reign # 1 below:

Gotta love the final page for this preview set too with Kingpin infuriated with not knowing who Daredevil really is. After all, every time they tried to piece together the identity of Daredevil or drag Matt Murdock’s name in this, it always fails in the end.

And even when Kingpin became the mayor of New York City, and Matt Murdock going to prison and Elektra taking over as Daredevil, Murdock’s secret identity is still safe.

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