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More photos for the upcoming McFarlane Toys DC Multiverse Talon

McFarlane Toys has released the DC Multiverse Talon official images a few days after revealing it on social media as part of their recent online celebration!

Check out more images for the DC Multiverse Talon after the cut…

Dc multiverse talon official image

Here’s the packaged look of the figure…

Dc multiverse talon official image

These undead soldiers were employed by the mysterious Court of Owls, the secret society who rules Gotham City from the shadows.

When they want something or someone eliminated, the Court calls the Talons to do the dirty work for them.

Dc multiverse talon official image

The figure comes with the standard card and stand as well as a pair of daggers and a pair of swords.

Dc multiverse talon official image

The Talons will also figure heavily in the upcoming Gotham Knights game which stars Bat-Family characters like Robin, Red Hood, Robin and Batgirl.

What do you think of this Talon so far? Honestly, this looks like a good army builder, the second army builder figure for the DC Multiverse line after the Batman Who Laughs’ Robins with three variant head sculpts, remember those?

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