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Elektra takes over as Daredevil – Daredevil # 25

In case you missed it in the Daredevil books, Elektra takes over as Daredevil from Matt Murdock in a surprising play setting up a big payoff for the former lovers. Spoilers for Daredevil # 25 by Chip Zdarsky and Marco Checchetto.


So this was a surprising move and even a surprising look for the deadly assassin. So spoilers from Daredevil # 25 (which should be a milestone issue). Let’s all look at how Elektra takes over as Daredevil.

Ok, so apparently Stick and Elektra are working together again to take down their long time enemies The Hand for good. They found a book on how to do that and Elektra almost gets killed. She recovers and sets out to find Daredevil because she believes together they can get rid of the Hand. They could play the King and Queen of The Fist, that could take out The Hand of Darkness.

In the present, Elektra breaks into prison where Matt Murdock has been locked up after admitting to murder. He’s taking his sentence for two years and wants to set a good example for the vigilantes operating in New York.

Matt’s all somber and mopey and doesn’t want to be broken out. Elektra tried reasoning with him but he literally and figuratively shut her out. If there’s any hope, she needs to prove that her intentions are well.

So after a walk in Hell’s Kitchen where she meets a homeless woman who Matt had helped legally (but lost the case) she decides that she has to convince Matt even further.

The next day, a robbery takes place and we get to see Elektra.

She saves the day and walks away vowing that she’ll get Matt one way or another.

I’m loving the new costume for Elektra Daredevil. Where was she when Marvel was so crazy with genderbent characters i.e. Red Hulk, Lady Deadpool, Jane Foster Thor? Would have really closed up the loop with this one.

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