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Here’s that Controversial Heroes in Crisis Cover with the Dead Poison Ivy

Heroes in Crisis is still a thing right now and it looks like it generated more controversy thanks to the cover for an upcoming issue featuring a very much dead Poison Ivy.

Update: The cover above is the regular cover for Heroes in Crisis # 7 featuring Superman going berserk in the fields outside Sanctuary. The original and controversial cover of a dead Poison Ivy can be seen HERE. We had to take the photo off the blog post because its been flagged as “Shocking Content” by our advertisers.


The cover in question is for Heroes in Crisis # 7 and features a dead Poison Ivy in a somewhat provocative pose. Click HERE to see the entirety of the cover (Google has deemed the image “shocking”)

But why are people hating it? There’s a number of reasons. One is that the pose that she’s in is very provocative. People rarely die in such a pose.

Secondly, there’s this thing called fridging which does not sit well with some fans. Creators in the 90’s did that a lot but this is the 21st century already. So that’s a big no-no.

Thirdly it may be a big spoiler for the fate of Poison Ivy who had also sought counseling at the end of her Batman arc where she took over the world, only to be taken down by Batman and Catwoman with an assist from Harley Quinn. So far, as of issue # 3 of Heroes in Crisis, we havent seen Pamela Isley yet. So whether she lives or dies at the massacre at Sanctuary is still something up in the air.

Heroes in Crisis writer Tom King also said no to the cover. On his twitter, he writes:

An unfinished cover for Heroes in Crisis 7 was leaked prior to going through the standard DC approval process. I did not like the cover. I discussed the situation with DC editorial who agreed with my objections. This cover will not be used. Thank you.

Good enough of DC Comics to pull the plug on this cover. The variants that they have are cool though, particularly the ones that revisit classics like the Death of Superman and Knightfall.

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