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BARUMBADINGS VOL. 1 Dead Mother Dead All! Poster from Darryl Yap starring Jeric Raval and Joel Torre

Check out the first poster for BARUMBADINGS VOL. 1 Dead Mother Dead All! which is the 12th film of Darryl Yap for Viva Films and stars Jeric Raval, Joel Torre and more!

The film stars Jeric Raval, Mark Anthony Fernandez, Baron Geisler, Official: John “Sweet” Lapus and Joel Torre

12th film of Darryl Yap!

#SUCKPAKAN NA SA NOVEMBER 5 exclusive on Vivamax

But if you look at the poster, you’ll see that they made changes for the actors in the film namely Joel Torre becoming Jewel Torre, Jeric Raval becomes Jerica Raval, Mark Anthony Fernandez becomes Marie Antoinette Fernandez and Baron Geisler becomes Baroness Geisler.

Again, the film is 12 of 20 from director Darryl Yap who also did films like Revirginized, Pag Laki Ko Gusto Kong Maging Pornstar, Tililing, 69+1, Gluta, Ang Babaeng Walang Pakiramdam, Ang Manananggal na Nahahati ang Puso, Jowable and more!

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