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Revirginized Review – Sharon Cuneta, Marco Gumabao

Here’s my Revirginized review which stars Sharon Cuneta and Marco Gumabao and directed by Darryl Yap. Its now streaming on Viva Max.

Yap is back with a timely story about a woman named Carmela (Sharon Cuneta) finding herself while going through an annulment with her husband (Albert Martinez). In an out-of-town rave party where she finds herself in, meets a young man Morph (Marco Gumabao) who tickles her fancy and learns to move on, forgive herself for the things she’s done and gain a new perspective in life.

I loved Sharon Cuneta’s role and performance here. Yap brought out a different side to the Megastar that we may not have seen. There’s a certain cuteness with her going on “landi mode”. Sure, her past movies where she’s flirty was nice and all but Revirginized is definitely in a whole new level.

Its also nice to see this bridging of the generation between Sharon and the younger cast members of this film. Like its refreshing to see her sharing spicy dialogues with the cast. Sharon saying “k**t*t” was such a shock (in a good way), and you’ll definitely see that she had a fun time sharing the screen with “LeBron”.

Yap did good with these little talks that the cast have. We’ve seen this in Pag Laki Ko Gusto Kong Maging Pornstar and now it looks like he’s perfected this style in his film. Will definitely be on the lookout for more of this.

There were a bunch of scenes here that was super slow. Like that lugaw scene that didn’t really spell out what the importance of Osang’s lugaw ingredients or LeBron’s crazed drug rant. The latter was funny but then it dragged on and on.

In a way, Sharon’s role is a reflection of her life too. Like Carmela, Sharon’s been locked into this box in terms of her career. When she was a teenager, she never did daring roles. When she was doing Madrasta and all those other films, she was never given these roles too. So now given this opportunity, she jumped on this opportunity.

There’s also some dialogue that you could say, you felt for the actress. And the story starts charging and charging until Shawie breaks down onscreen.

I also loved the twist that they did at the end and that special appearance of Kylie Versoza at the end which also has some empowerment elements here; what she did / said, you have to watch the movie to understand completely.

Marco Gumabao continues his career as a sexy male star. He can definitely throw some weight when acting with heavies like Sharon Cuneta and his inclusion here is also partly due to his male charisma. We’re doing a slightly thirsty movie so it would be a good idea to have a talented guy with a nice bod to heat up the female lead. Plus he does have some funny lines here like “Tangina sinabi ko beach party to hindi recollection!

Revirginized Review – Verdict

Revirginized is one fun movie. It’s more timely than you’d expect with women taking a more active role with their life and pushing back on the norms that were put on them by society. I think Darryl Yap did a great job with this movie and with the cast he utilized from Cuneta to Gumabao and even those short segments with Ogie Diaz and Rosanna Roces were comedy gold.


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