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#DoBetterMPL trending after Kelra’s statements and Ramellabah’s hiatus

MPL or Mobile Legends Professional League is currently getting dissed as well as esports pro Kelra after another pro player Ramella aired her concerns after statements thrown her way.

So after the hashtag #DoBetterMPL trended on Twitter, the esports league released a statement on the matter including the sanction they will be giving to Kelra. Here’s what they wrote on the Facebook page.

Grant Duane “Kelra” Pillas of Omega Esports was found in violation of the Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Professional League – Philippines Season 8 Official Rules for offensive comments against fellow professional players and showing of unprofessional behavior during a livestream.
Following an investigation in light of multiple reports from several sources, Grant Duane “Kelra” Pillas was found to have violated the following rules of the Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Professional League – Philippines Season 8 Official Rules:
1. Rule 12.3.3. Sexual Harassment
2. Rule 12.3.4. Discrimination and Denigration
Considering the severity and seriousness of the violations, the MPL-Philippines Operating Committee has decided on the following penalties for Grant Duane “Kelra” Pillas and Omega Esports:
1. Suspension for Grant Duane “Kelra” Pillas for two (2) weeks or fourteen (14) days starting from the first day of the MPL-Philippines Season 8 Regular Season
2. Issuance of serious warning to Grant Duane “Kelra” Pillas and Omega Esports
3. An imposed fine to Grant Duane “Kelra” Pillas
All MPL-Philippines professional players will also be required to attend a Gender Sensitivity and Sexual Harassment Awareness Training Seminar.
MPL-PH Operating Committee does not tolerate any form of discrimination in the league and we expect our professional players to follow a strict code of conduct. The MPL-Philippines is working with all the teams to produce a safe environment for everyone.
Let’s work together to build a more mature and professional league.
– MPL-PH Operating Committee

Here’s the original post embed

Meanwhile Kelra has also issued an apology

Taos puso po akong humihingi ng tawad at pasensya sa lahat ng taong naapektuhan at nasaktan sa aking mga nasabi.
Inaamin ko po na ako ay nagkamali at hindi nag isip sa mga maaring mangyari, naging immature at iresponsable ako. Hindi ko po itinatanggi ang isyu, inaamin ko po na di ko nag isip na maaring may mga taong masaktan sa mga salitang nabitawan ko, ako po ay lubos na humihingi ng pasensya sa mga taong nasaktan ko, sa buong LGBTQ+ community at sa lahat ng tao na naapektuhan.
Nag message na rin po ako Kay Vee at dj para humingi ng sorry. Ako po ay isa sa mga fans nila at humihingi po ako ng tawad sa napakadistasteful joke na nasabi ko.
Sa buong MLBB Community, sa Blacklist Agents at lalong lalo na sa VeeWise Fam, gusto ko po humingi ng tawad sa lahat ng aking na offend at nasaktan. Sorry po sa disrespectful at sobrang innaproriate ng joke. Makakaasa kayong hindi na po itu mauulit muli.
Lubos kong pinagsisisihan lahat at nangangakong magiging malaking learning lesson ito para sa akin. Walang dami ng salita ang makakaexpress kung gaano ko nireregret itong issue na to ngayon.
Nangangako po akong magiging mabuting tao at pagsisikapin ko po na maging mas mabuting role model bilang isang professional player dahil po sa issue na to.
Sorry po sa lahat ng nasaktan…

Ramellabah also went online just minutes after MPL’s statement

She originally stated that her team won’t be competing for a while due to the sexual harrassment in the esports scene…

Thank you for your concerns. My team is looking into this matter. And I haven’t received any formal apologies from the said parties which is very saddening.
This kind of action is the reason why there is not a lot of female players. My team and I kept mentioning about female players in esports many times in media. Sadly, it still happens. And nothing has been done to correct it, not even issuing formal apologies nor any action regarding the matter.
I will not be active in tournament for a while as my team and I agree that this has proven it is not safe for female esports players.
Sexual harassment is not okay. Doing nothing about it is not okay either. 🥲

Lastly here’s the official statement of IDONOTSLEEP Esports yesterday regarding the matter.

I’m actually waiting for Smart to get involved here and hopefully, when they do they could nudge the punishment for crass behavior to serve as a stern warning for other male esports players who plan on verbally or sexually harassing their female and even LGBTQ+ peers in the esports scene.

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