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Paglaki Ko Gusto Kong Maging Pornstar Review

Here’s my Paglaki Ko Gusto Kong Maging Pornstar Review which stars Rosanna Roces, Maui Taylor, Ara Mina, AJ Raval and Alma Moreno on VivaMax!


The foursome play onscreen versions of themselves who have been called together to develop a future pornstar to ride the popularity of online porn. Along the way, they teach their would-be-star all the tips and tricks in making for a successful film seductress.

The Good 

I have to admit, the cast they pulled in together was top-notch. These were good representatives of their respective eras with Alma Moreno and Osang really doing good in Pinoy soaps these days. Plus their knowledge about the inner workings of the film industry at the peak of their careers also comes in handy.

The movie wants to be a light study on the lives of former “boldstars”, how they are now, where they’ve been and to some extent, what’s changed in their lives. It didn’t want to attack the topic head on but rather in a manner that people can take in easily.

You know, in a way, it kind of mirrors the actual production turning up and coming models and influencers (Rose Van Ginkel, Asia Anash Ana Jalandoni and AJ Raval) into the future sexy stars. It’s like the art imitating life.

Speaking of new talents, they all look gorgeous. Props to casting them for the film. Sadly, its pretty obvious they play second fiddle to the four main stars because the story wants to put them as the POV and not the would-be-pornstars.

Alma Moreno needs to get a standing ovation for the fictional version of herself here. She just cracked me up here with every line and every dialogue. Her throwing lines with Rosanna Roces was also the highlight for me. It just came off naturally. Plust that whole cussing was as “malutong” as freshly made chicharon. She also took advantage of what she’s most recently known for and swam, no, basked in it.

Remember, Alma C.A.R.E.S.

Maui Taylor also had a great moment here which I don’t know was intentionally funny or not. Her bit where she sang the popular song “Bulaklak” by her group the Viva Hot Babes while crying had me laughing for the irony.

I liked the writing and fleshing out for the fictional versions of these actresses. Ara was the driven one, Alma was the dumb one, Osang was the pragmatic and serious one and Maui was the smart one and more well-versed when it came to new trends.

There was a scene involving getting the “wet look” for their would-be talents that looked so fun and so raw and so unscripted that it made them gel really well. Rosanna and Alma talking about Dolphy’s sexual prowess was fun, with the King of Comedy’s former wife exclaiming he was “tigasin”. So many fun moments for the first and second act.

The Bad

  • Didn’t like Ara Mina’s role here nor her delivery of lines. Rather painful to hear. Like really.
  • The ending was one that felt like it was rushed. Or it felt off for a Vincentiments flick. Jowable had a good ending. This one felt like they realized, that “oh shit, the run time’s over”. Was there supposed to be closure or they could have left more details for exposition.
  • They really could have utilized the starlets a little bit instead of cutting them off from the story one by one.
  • Reality hits like a bricks. Makes you feel bad for the life of actresses in the industry (in general mind you). Just putting this one in the bad section because it makes you feel bad. But its a necessary topic and idea too.


Paglaki Ko Gusto Kong Maging Pornstar Review – Verdict


Funny moments for the first and second half, dropped by the third act. Star power could propel the film but some lazy line delivery hurts the overall product. Love the chemistry between Osang and Alma here. Watch out also because Alma Moreno will have you in stitches here all throughout.

The film is now streaming on VivaMax. Download the app today and visit the official website to access more Viva films.

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