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Jowable Review

Here’s my Jowable review which stars Kim Molina, Kakai Bautista, Cai Cortez and special participation of Jerald Napoles and directed by Darryl Yap from Viva Films. The film opens September 25

Check out the trailer for Jowable below:

And here’s the original material that came out last year…

Also its nice to note that the original girl from the Vincentiments video was added to the cast where she plays Elsa’s friend Nuna…

The film follows the life of NBSB (No Boyfriend Since Birth) gal Elsa who is hell-bent on getting a boyfriend and is slowly losing it because she’s not getting any. She does get by with the help of her friends as well as her lovable mom played by Kakai Bautista.

The material is based on a few viral monologues from the Facebook page Vinsentiments. And I wouldn’t be surprised if you’ve seen some of those videos.

So what can I say in this Jowable review.

– Kim Molina is a beast in this movie. She’s the lovable and quotable Savannah in Kadenang Ginto and now she’s got her own thing going. Whether its going full harabas with her friends, going on a verbal tirade with God or even getting shitfaced while singing “Maging Sino Ka Man” with so much hurt and pain. She’s also great throwing lines with all the cast members. And when she’s “wasak”, you sincerely feel how “rekt” she is.

– Hats off sa cast. We have a lot of A-listers sa Supporting actors and actresses running their A-Game like Candy Pangilinan, Kakai Bautista and Cai Cortez. Those three I mentioned all have their moments that help in changing the life of Molina’s Elsa. And when they were given the time to shine, I love how the director made those scenes shine, walang sapawan. It also looks and feels organic.

– There’s a subplot with Elsa and her teacher who she surprisingly encounters years later that also changes her life. And not once but twice. I love how that subplot affects the main character so many years and also changes her mind set as she grows up. Without spoiling the story, this plot with Elsa and her teacher leads her down this path that she had been waiting for her entire life and also drastically changes her life moving forward. And by the end of the film, she returns to this teacher with a different view of life.

– I was seriously floored with that segment with Kakai Bautista and Kim Molina. Now palang, I have to give you a heads up as how heavy that scene was. Its also the one that caps off everything for the story.

– The level of vulgarity and street level grit of Subic is also great as a point of visual for the story. They even implicitly talk about how “putangina” can be used for being happy, angry and sad. This is just one of the many “smart” things that the movie pulls off successfully.

– Yung meta levels in this film is also something I want to write about briefly. Ang cool ng paglatag ng mga foreshadowing and its even beautiful how Elsa realizes what was told to her in the first act of the movie. Again, thanks to Ms. Molina’s acting, the whole thing made it more meatier and a lot more relevant. At least meron tayong non-traditional happy ending, and at the end of the day, yung ang importante for the Pinoy audience.

Jowable Review – Verdict


I loved this movie. The trailer successfully got your attention but its a completely different experience when you watch the movie altogether. Director Darryl Yap, was right on the money when he said “tatraydurin kayo ng trailer”. Man oh man, I’m glad I caught this movie. I guarantee the movie is worth every penny.

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