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Marvel Legends Fantastic Four Retro Wave Announced!

Hasbro did a special “Fan First Friday” for their Marvel Legends series for their Marvel and the majority of the online event was the unveiling of the Marvel Legends Fantastic Four Retro Wave featuring a more classic set of FF as well as two interesting bad guys…

Here’s the breakdown of the characters that will be part of the Marvel Legends Fantastic Four retro wave.

  • Mr. Fantastic
  • Invisible Woman
  • Human Torch
  • The Thing
  • Psycho-Man
  • High Evolutionary

These figures were announced to be on pre-order August 10 / August 11 via Hasbro Pulse and other dealers online. Now let’s check out each figure and see what’s popping with each one.

Marvel Legends Mr. Fantastic Four (Retro Wave)

The Reed Richards figure will be copying the style Hasbro did with the Marvel Legends House of X / Powers of X Moira McTaggert where you can swap out the lab coat for a more casual look.

Then we also get classic looking accessories for this big brain.

Marvel Legends Invisible Woman (Retro Wave)

The new Invisible Woman retro wave figure has a new face, paint job and accessory. Well not really. But the exclusive/ variant version they also announced was a lot better.

Marvel Legends Human Torch (Retro Wave)

Marvel Legends The Thing (Retro Wave)

For this one, they opted to add a swappable face as well as the trunk design. There’s also another pair of hands

Marvel Legends Psycho-Man

Marvel Legends High Evolutionary

Watch the entire Fan First Monday online event below, where they also provide new updates for the Haslab Galactus and a new X-Force 3-pack with Rictor, Domino and Cannonball…

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