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BTS Funko Pops Announced Based on Love Yourself: Answer

Funko recently revealed that they would be releasing a set of BTS Funko Pops featuring all of the members. No exclusives and no hard-to-finds. Here’s breakdown of the BTS Funko Pops.

Oh and the look that the boys have came from the promotional materials used for Love Yourself: Answer.

Check out the individual Funko Pops for the massively popular KPop band.


BTS Funko Pop – RM

BTS Funko Pop – Jin

BTS Funko Pop – Suga

BTS Funko Pop – J-Hope

BTS Funko Pop – Jimin

BTS Funko Pop – V

No word yet on when the BTS pops would be released but given Funko’s reputation for releasing items shortly after announcement, it won’t take long.

Oh and there’s also a 7-pack featuring all the boys which will be sold exclusively at Barnes and Noble stores abroad.

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