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New What If…? posters released featuring Captain Carter and Hydra Stomper

Marvel Studios has released two new What If…? posters before the release of the Disney+ show. This batch of posters features Captain Carter aka Peggy Carter and the Hydra Stomper.

Check out the What If…? posters below

Captain Carter

what if captain carter

In this alternate reality, its Hayley Atwell’s Peggy Carter that becomes the new Captain America aka Captain Director getting the super soldier serum from Dr. Abraham Erskine and the vita ray treatment from Howard Stark. She not only gets the vibranium shield with the Union Jack on it but also a sword which she uses to cut down HYDRA and Nazis in the battlefield.

Hydra Stomper

hydra stomper poster

In this same world, Steve Rogers never gets the Super Soldier Serum but still functions on a military level as he’s become the pilot for the Iron Man / Iron Monger prototype called the Hydra Stomper.

A new clip from Twitter also reveals what changed from Steve Rogers becoming Captain America to Peggy Carter taking over the role…

Apparently the bomb that rocked the lab as seen in Captain America: The First Avenger detonated earlier than expected injuring Steve Rogers before he even got a Super Soldier Serum dose.

These two are going to be the first ones to appear in the various episodes in the multiversal show which will also feature Jeffrey Wright (Westworld, Catching Fire) as Uatu the Watcher. There’s already a Marvel Legends What If wave from Hasbro as well as a special Funko figure with the two of them.

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